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Superb pop art painting
Superb, acrylic on plywood. 22.5x22.5


The name of this painting is called “Superb”, and it’s I guess some people might say a little politically incorrect, but it was a perfect storm of found images.

The devil made me do it. I just had to paint this.

In the foreground is the “trick pee boy”. And I liked him because he was just kind of like checking things out, thinking about things walking along.

The girl in the back was from a Wildwood, New Jersey decal. And she was doing her little beach pose.

And then I found a little package of kids caps that you put in toy guns and then explode. The package happened to say “mammoth caps“, which is a colloquialism for breasts, which makes this totally politically incorrect. But I think it’s too funny.

Painting Specifics

  • Vintage original framed painting from the 1990s
  • Acrylic on plywood
  • Dimensions: 22.5×22.5×1.5 inches

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