John Pompetti’s paintings and works of art all share elements of pop art, graphic art and contemporary art. His images are colorful, whimsical, and radiate a playful energy.

To learn more about John’s inspirations and style, visit the about page. To discover more details and background information about a particular painting, go to the blog section. You may leave comments on the blog, but if you’d rather send John a personal message, use the contact page.

Selected Paintings

  • SupermandySupermandy
    The title of this painting is “Supermandy”. I …
  • Aunt Frizi DilemmaAunt Frizi Dilemma
    Year: 1999 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas 16″x30″
  • Piece Of CakePiece Of Cake
    This painting is called “Piece Of Cake”. It …
  • Late NightLate Night
    The name of this painting is “Late Night”. …
  • Jack#2Jack#2
    Pop art painting original “Jack#2”. This painting is …