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vintage pop art painting - 1,2,3


Vintage pop art painting “1,2,3“.

This painting has ivory color on a grey background that will transform your room.

This is a large, vintage pop art painting, acrylic on MDF board. Original wall art, framed and signed by John Pompetti.

Year: 1990s.

Painting Specifics

  • Original framed vintage pop art painting from the 1990s
  • Acrylic on mdf
  • Dimensions: 48x32x1.5 inches
  • Signed by John

Looks great in living room, office, game room.

Tilden vs Pleasantville popart painting

Tilden vs. Pleasantville

This painting is called “Tilden vs Pleasantville”.

It’s inspired by the movie Pleasantville. The baseball figure is from a Gilmore comic strip.

The little “Marilyn” fastball was inspired by Andy Warhol.

I wanted to keep everything black and white, except for these color streaks coming across.

Painting Specifics

  • Vintage original framed painting from 2007
  • Acrylic on plywood
  • Dimensions: 35x32x1.25 inches
  • Signed by artist